What can I tell you about me?

I’m in my 50’s and passionate about life.

In April 2012, when on holiday, I found a small lump in my left breast. My first thought – “is it cancer?” Was I shocked? No. Surprised? Yes. I didn’t delay. I immediately took action – saw my GP, had a mammogram and ultrasound that afternoon, a biopsy within the week and had it confirmed 7 days later that it was cancer.

My mother had had breast cancer 35 years earlier, had a mastectomy and was one of the first women to have a reconstruction at the same time. She has gone on to live a very full active life.

Me? I had been having mammograms annually since I was 35 and together with an ultrasound from my late 40s. I was happy, fit, slim and ate a healthy diet, so how did I get breast cancer? Stress? Possibly. I had worked long hours for many years. Whilst I had always loved my work, I found running my own business very challenging and often very stressful. Further in the previous 12 months I had experienced two very upsetting events which impacted my personal life. I was coming to terms with these when I found the lump.

I had just sold my business and was planning to take 6 months off to have fun, relax and do all those things I had always wanted to do, especially travel. It was not to be. Instead, I spent more than 6 months removing the cancer and getting well.

This blog is about how I did it without fear and with an extraordinary team of people – loved ones, doctors and complementary therapies. It is a personal account and point of view. It is not advice and any of the treatments I have used should be discussed with a medical practitioner before being tried.

I wish to thank my gorgeous husband, sisters, friends, doctors, breast care nurses and complementary practitioners – nutritionist (Emma Ellice-Flint), acupuncturist (Michelle Corban), psychologist, physiotherapist (Carol Morris), lymphatic masseur (Lisa Higgins), energy healer (Michelle Richmond), yoga instructors (Qi Yoga), meditation teachers, authors of many inspiring books and the facilitators at Quest for Life.

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