Review and Reflect

One of my great and inspirational friends, Kay, who is an executive and leadership coach, regularly gives me insights into how to make the most of life.

With 2013 closing, she took on reviewing and reflecting on the past year. I’ve borrowed the exercise from her, with her permission, of course. I’ve just finished my reflection and review and have realised that, for the past couple of months, I’ve not been present to the amazing things that happened in my life last year. Here’s what I came up with.

GiraffeMost Fulfilling Experiences

  • Touring behind the scenes at Cape Mentelle Vineyard, finishing in the Barrel Room with a degustation tasting lunch and matching wines. Exquisite!
  • Travelling in Southern Africa for five weeks experiencing the food bowl that is South Africa, the magnificent desert of Namibia and the extraordinary animals that roam the national parks. My favourite, the Giraffe.

Biggest Challenges

  • Saying to my oncologist that I would not be taking hormone therapy.
  • Rebuilding my stamina, overall health and mental ability and agility after chemotherapy.
  • Walking 100km over 6 days on the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria 6 months after ceasing chemotherapy.

Best Surprises

  • Attending my 40 year school reunion and enjoying catching up with girls I had been at Primary School with.
  • Receiving a birthday card from Amanda, my Pilates instructor, acknowledging me for my transformation over the past 12 months. Uplifting!
  • My friend, Rachael’s daughter, Poppy, being born on my birthday. A beautiful gift of life!

Best Value for Money
Touring Namibia – high quality accommodation and food in the middle of the desert.

Most Impactful & Highly Recommended Book
Anita Morjani’s ‘Dying to Be Me‘. It transformed my view of life, living and my understanding of the power of the mind in healing.

Favourite Quote
I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. Invictus by William Ernest Henley. I feel empowered and centred every time I read the ending of this inspiring poem.

Lava FlowBest Fun
Photographing hot lava oozing out of the cliff face on the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii. I took close to 500 photos  in 30 minutes. The ease of digital!

Best Decisions

  • Having 6 months off to travel, get well and enjoy everything life has to offer.
  • Keeping my hair short.
  • Writing this blog. I have loved the writing, soul searching and communication.
  • Taking a 300mm telephoto lens to Africa.

Most Grateful That/For

  • I have returned to good health and have had two ‘all clear’ reports from my doctors.
  • My gorgeous husband who has had a personally challenging year and stood by me the whole way.
  • My family, friends and the health practitioners who have listened and supported me.

Kay suggested REPENTING as well. There is nothing I feel I need to repent for. I had a powerful year. I am proud of myself and what I have achieved. I’m ready to start the new adventure of finding another career path in 2014 and staying connected with all the fabulous people I have around me.