What’s Intuitive Living?

For me it’s listening to my inner voice. All my life my intuition (inner voice) has been talking to me and for a lot of the time I have ignored it. Why? Because I lost faith and trust in myself when I was young. I was taught other people, particularly people of authority – doctors, clergy, teachers and people older than me – were more important and knew more than I could ever know.

My intuition has been knocking very loudly since my mid teens and, up until last year, I didn’t heed it many times. When I have listened to it during my life, my life has hummed and great opportunities and experiences have come my way. I realise there is a cost not listening.

My wake up call was getting early breast cancer. My approach to my treatment was to listen and rely on my intuition. I decided if I was going to live the life I had always wanted to live – in a state of good health, fit, vibrant and at peace – then I needed to start listening to my inner self and heeding it. This is exactly what I did. I had a quick learning curve to find out what I really wanted in the way of health treatment.

It is almost 12 months since I first found the lump. I know I have returned to good health. I feel in balance. I look well and my energy has returned. Last week I did the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria with a girlfriend. We walked 97km is 6 days with 7kg backpacks. It was beautiful, peaceful, exhilarating and I felt a great sense of achievement as I reached Gibson Steps and the first two apostles.

In a week I will have a mammogram and ultrasound followed by an appointment with my surgeon. This will be the moment of truth. Will all the work I have done on creating peace and wellness come together and present a well woman to him? I believe so!

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